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Ottoman & Bench Series


The Ottoman Series takes flexible seating to the next level. With a lightweight, solid foam structure, it's easy to create exactly what you need. Whether you are looking to create a personal space or collaborative environment, you can do it quickly and efficiently with pieces from the Ottoman Series.


Armless Series

Armless Series Thumbnail

Transform any seating arrangement with one or multiple pieces from the Armless Series. Smooth edges, lightweight structure, and mix-and-match designs make it a flexible choice for any environment.


Connect Series

Connect Series Thumbnail

Create. Collaborate. Connect. The Connect Series inspires creativity and collaboration in a variety of environments. Whether you're looking for flexible seating to add to a conference room or a classroom, this set can be arranged to make countless formations. With our lightweight, solid foam construction, the Connect Series can be easily maneuvered to create a collaborative space for any environment.


Café Series

Café Series Thumbnail

Use the Café Series to create community spaces in libraries, informal locations, and of course, dining centers. Energize these spaces with booth installations that help connect students and encourage them to develop the social and academic relationships essential for success.


Social Series

Social Series Thumbnail

Comfortable, functional, and creative are the keystones of the Social Series. Solid foam construction and lightweight design allows for each piece to be arranged easily to suit any environment.


Nest Series

Nest Series Thumbnail

The Nest Series* is where mindfulness and reflection meet. The perfect spot for a little alone time. The Nest Series* is a comfortable and safe area to curl up into and sit, read, and reflect. Solid foam construction allows for lightweight and easy movement. A fully upholstered Nest* can easily be flipped on its side and used as a collaborative space for multiple learners to work around or inside.


Step Series

Step Series Thumbnail

The finely crafted Step Series is built to impress and function in any environment. Solid foam construction means there are no hard edges, and they are light and convenient to move. The entire line from the Step Series can be fit together for collaborative, tiered seating.


Network Series

Network Series Thumbnail

With our lightweight, solid foam construction, you can maneuver the Network Series into endless combinations. Meetings, gatherings, and even quick chats will flourish in your purposefully curated spaces. Showcasing the variety of geometry from the Network Series, your creativity has no bounds to craft the proper environment for any situation.


Lotus Series

Lotus Series Thumbnail

Change your angle - change your perspective. This fun and functional series is meant to give learners of all ages a comfortable seating option closer to the floor. All of the pieces in the Lotus Series are crafted without a wood base and come fully zippered. Keeping it comfy, whimsical, and giving space for creative energy. Allow yourself a new perspective with the Lotus Series.


Weather Resistant Series

Weather Resistant Series Thumbnail

Soft, durable, lightweight, and weather resistant are what you can expect from Fōmcore’s new outdoor-friendly furniture. Produced using marine grade nylon thread and vinyl with UV and fade resistant protection, you can enjoy the same Fōmcore quality and craftsmanship backed with a 3-year warranty.


Create Your Combo Series

Create Your Combo Series Thumbnail

Add fun and creative group learning areas to any room by creating your own combo! Place one of these combos in a room and watch learners of all ages naturally migrate towards the comfortable and inviting seating. Combos are also a mindful solution for breakout spaces.


Fōm Filled Series

Fōm Filled Series Thumbnail

Our Fōm Filled Series is meant to replace the traditional bean bags. Not only are they easy to clean and comfortable, they are what bean bag style chairs should be: sturdy yet flexible and comfy for hours on end. Each one is made by a master craftsman and built to last. Create a space that invites people to explore their playful and creative side with our three Fōm Filled pieces. Choose from one of 8 available colors in washable micro-suede.