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1" Standard Leg Options
1″ Nylon Glide (G1)
1" Felt Glide (G1)
1" Low Profile Black Leg (L1)
3" Premium Legs & Casters
3" Rectangle Leg (R3)
3" Caster (C3)
6" Premium Legs & Casters
6" Caster (C6)
6" Mod Leg (M6)
6" Rectangle Leg (R6)
6" Triangle Leg (T6)
6" Sled Leg (S16, S29)

TFL Work Surface

Top it off! With one of our 6 Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) work surface options. Add a tabletop surface to our standard pieces like the Round and Rectangle Ottomans.

Detailed Technical Information

Marker board

Natural maple

White wood

Dark wood

Black crysal

Fashion grey

Power Up!

Many of our products can be POWERED UP! Our new embedded power units are a versatile and sleek option when multiple power options are needed in a space. For two or more power units contact your regional sales director.

  • USB/AC combination
  • 10' cable length
  • For 2 or more power units contact your regional sales director

Integrated power silver option

Integrated power white option


We can embroider artwork up to 12" x 15" on any item we offer. Let our trained professionals help you showcase your school or company pride; all we need is the high-resolution artwork.

Altering Height or Width

Thread and Zippered

Textile Option & Placement