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We've kicked off Week 8 of the FŌM2023 season by #playingitforward for Payton Patterson!

Meet Payton, a 4-year old from Ravenna, MI who was recently diagnosed with a genetic brain disease called CLN2. She started experiencing seizures a year ago and her mother, Amanda, fought tirelessly for a diagnosis. Children with CLN2 eventually lose their vision, ability to walk and talk, and typically don’t survive past 8-12 years old. While there is no cure, there is treatment to help slow down the progression of the disease. Payton will be receiving treatment every 2 weeks at MOTT hospital for the rest of her life. Payton is the sweetest, kindest, most special little girl who deserves to be recognized for the strength and courage she exhibits. Amanda is an amazing advocate for Payton and for other families. She encourages others when something does not feel right to push, ask questions, seek answers, and never give up. Learn more about Payton's story here >>>>.

We are thankful for the opportunity to Fulfill Our Mission to bless others and #playitforward. Visit to learn more about FŌM2023.