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We've kicked off Week 7 of the FŌM2023 season by #playingitforward for Love For A Child!

Love For A Child is a faith focused, non-profit organization that serves children, youth, and families currently active within Michigan's foster care system. 120 children are selected every summer for a completely free week of summer camp. The focus is a week of royalty, celebration, and to teach children that no matter background or challenge, God's protection can travel with the child wherever their story and journey takes them. After camp, the next step allows each child to enter a mentorship program, where they are seen in monthly sessions by a mentor committed to serve and support the child. Love For A Child offers tailored resources to each foster family within their program to serve the greater purpose and need. Learn more about Love For A Child here >>>>.

We are thankful for the opportunity to Fulfill Our Mission to bless others and #playitforward. Visit to learn more about FŌM2023.