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Engaging in Wellness

We are all busier than ever. Work demands, expectations at school, and trying to keep our households moving. The pacing of our lives can leave us tired, over-extended, and drained physically and emotionally. Keeping up, getting ahead, and staying afloat… it can all be so much.

Further, we live in a social media world where we are continually reminded of the perceived gap between the trajectory of our life and what “everyone else” has already achieved. This can create a deep discontentment; a restlessness that leaves us feeling anxious and at times, undone. With these pressures, how can we move forward in healthy ways? How can we experience wellness?

Creating healthy margin in our life gives us the space to be the best versions of ourselves. Margin allows us to have space for the things that enliven us; hobbies, family, or just “me” time. It may be a mid-day break from emails to go for a walk or shutting down social media to write your experience in a journal. Margin could also mean saying “no” to requests so you can say “yes” to what you really need.

Cultivating wellness also means creating spaces where we can reflect, decompress, and relax. It is a wholistic approach that  considers things like natural light, music, and furniture selections. All of these contribute to a kind of flow that makes us more grounded and centered.

Saying yes to wellness empowers each one of us to ask questions like, “Is this good for me?” and, “How can I engage with others in a way that supports a mutual well-being?" In doing so, we can contribute to our own wellness and that of our neighbor. As we move throughout the days ahead and the spaces we inhabit, let us take the next step towards more margin and well-being together.