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Empowering student-lead learning doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, we at Fōmcore believe it can be as simple as swapping out your seating, and we’re not alone in that. Modern learning advocates that classrooms be agile, in support of students’ different learning preferences and your classroom’s various educational needs.

To embrace flexibility, consider the following:

  • Unconventional chairs:Bean bag-style chairs and armless seats help fidgeters and busy-bodies release energy, giving them more focus so they’re able to learn better. Soft seating that rocks is popular with even the most energized students.
  • Floor seating: Sitting at a desk all day is not comfortable for most students. Floor seating offers learners a chance to stretch out and expand their minds, giving them a chance to learn from a different, and more comfortable, perspective.
    However you choose to embrace flexible seating, you’re likely to see an increase in engagement and attentiveness, a win for both teachers and students!

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