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At Fōmcore we put the “fun” in functional! Yes, our products can be bright, happy and durable!

But most importantly, they’re designed to inspire collaboration and learning. How? Let’s count the ways:

  • Fōmcore seating is light-weight, making it easy for even the youngest of learners to move around the classroom.
  • It’s flexible, in that it can be moved around to suit different seating arrangements, whether it’s a group of high schoolers watching their teacher perform a chemistry experiment or a Young 5’s class learning teamwork through a small group project. It’s also flexible in the sense that it’s soft-seating–the perfect furniture to relax, sway, rock or bounce in!
  • Our furniture cultivates education by allowing students to be more comfortable in the classroom, which improves their focus and makes it easier for them to learn. This is important because when your body is not at ease, “you’re focusing on the source of the discomfort rather than learning” (Persaud, R., 2014).
  • We inspire exploration. The portability of Fōmcore products allows children to sit where they want. This encourages them to delve into their learning environment and all it has to offer, promoting autonomy and free thinking.
  • The pieces motivate interaction and collaboration. Students can rearrange Fōmcore products to sit with peers or in such a way that inpires their creative thought process! Working together, solving a problem and learning as a team becomes more accessible as the classroom landscape molds the young learner’s needs.

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