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This week we want to revisit some of our conversation with our regional director in the west, Dave Diller. Dave is passionate about what he does with Fōmcore and works hard to make every day special!
Read on to find out how he represents us, #AtOurCore.

So we know and love the core values of Fōmcore which are: Serve, Create & Inspire. Do you think you could come up with a couple more adjectives that describe your brand?

Three other words that come to mind that would represent us are kind, fun and creative. Those three things embody the other elements that we want to be about. Every day we view the relationships we are in as a gift. So with that, let’s keep building into things that really matter in this life. Kindness goes a long way, and you should have fun with what you do. Yes, we’re a business, but when you spend the majority of your working hours with something you should look for ways in which you can enjoy it! We try to bring that out wherever we go and creativity is a big one for us too. We are often inspired by the creativity we see in the world.

How do you help to impact the lives of others through your work?

I want to remind people every day and as much as possible of how cool they are! I think it’s so awesome that we get to live this life every day. It’s important to me that the people in my life know that they are unique and amazing! Anything that I can do to participate in championing and cheering other people on- I really want to be able to do that.

Thank you, Dave, for being a genuine inspiration at Fōmcore! What do you think about us #AtOurCore? Leave a comment or send us a message today!