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Our daily routines have been put on a brief pause as we adjust to find balance during these uncertain times. We are all in this together, doing what we can and asking our community: “How can we help you”? Some of our team has been working at home, so let’s check in with our Midwest regional director, Mark Gardner:

“Working from home poses some unique challenges, during this I have found that it’s nice to move my remote office around. Yesterday we had beautiful 62-degree weather in Ohio so I enjoyed a nice stroll to my deck to enjoy the sunshine as I talked to our partners. To my absolute surprise, just a mere 24 hours later, I looked out my window to a full-blown April snowstorm as I prepared for our Zoom Call. I had no other choice but to make the call to move back my office to the living room and enjoy the fireplace.

With that being said, it does help with your mindset to change locations in your house to give you a different perspective. During this time I try to find something wonderful in my daily life such as sitting near the fire and enjoying a nice, soothing experience. And perhaps unlike my colleagues, my desk always tends to stay just a little messy!”

Thanks for taking this time to chat, Mark! We are doing what we can and always reaching out with open hearts asking: how can we help you? We strive every day to fulfill our mission to serve, create, and inspire within our community.

Health and peace to all! More interviews with Mark in the Midwest!