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We've kicked off week 8 of the FŌM2022 season by #playingitforward for Love N' Grace!

Love N’ Grace Healing Centers — is a place for adults and children to heal from traumatic experiences; equipping them on how to overcome life’s hurts with scripture and prayer through Jesus Christ. Our encouragers will walk alongside clients throughout the healing process and empower them to use the tools they are taught to help others. Many of our clients have received care from a doctor, counselor, teacher, friend, and even a church. So, why do they still hurt? Love N’ Grace believes in inner healing and offers the truth of who they were created to be, resulting in a mind shift from a painful past to hope for a brighter future  This allows them to move from depression to purpose because of the new hope they have found in the truth.

Clients meet with a team of encouragers and partners, who listen to their stories. Our team specializes in listening for trauma in the client’s life, and together they identify the emotions and the lies the individual accepts from the trauma. Then, the client is taught a simple process of how to really let go and let God. Through reading scripture and learning how to apply it to their lives we help them find answers to tough questions about God and this world. The team stands in awe of the work God does in people’s lives as they discover their identity, joy, hope, and Jesus.


We are thankful for the opportunity to Fulfilling Our Mission to serve others and #playitforward. Visit to learn more about FŌM2022.