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We've kicked off week 5 of the FŌM2022 season by #playingitforward for Cedar Bend Humane Society!

The Cedar Bend Humane Society (CBHS) is host to a number of services vital to the county and surrounding communities. They are a true blessing to our community and have a terrific mission.

CBHS is passionate about placing animals in lifelong and loving homes. Educate on the issues of humane care. Teach responsible pet ownership. Shelter the stray, neglected, and unwanted.

CBHS offers many services that directly benefit both the animals and people in our community such as lost and found services, low-cost vaccination, microchip clinics, spay and neuter, TNR/ Barn Cat programs, pet burial, cremation services, nursing facility pet therapy, and educational programs.

Our location at 1166 West Airline Highway, Waterloo, opened in 1968. A new adoption center was built in 2009 with community support and donations. We are a non-profit organization that exists because of the support and friendships of people who donate money, time, and other gifts.

Every dollar and donation received benefits the animals by helping with medical needs, spaying, and neutering costs, and providing care and shelter for the homeless, neglected, and unwanted animals of the Cedar Valley. A very deserving organization.

P.E.T.S (Place. Educate. Teach. Shelter.)


We are thankful for the opportunity to Fulfilling Our Mission to serve others and #playitforward. Visit to learn more about FŌM2022.