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We've kicked off week 10 of the FŌM2022 season by #playingitforward for Hope House!

Hope House opened for women and children in June of 2011. For women and women and children experiencing homelessness, our housing program uses a holistic approach to encourage personal development and life transformation. We do this by fostering growth in areas of life that support sustainability:

  • Weekly Individualized Case Management
  • Structure and Accountability (daily schedules, house rules, curfew, weekly house meetings, weekly volunteering, house chores)
  • Life Skills Classes (relational skills, communication, establishing good boundaries, and faith development)
  • Money Management Classes & Mentoring
  • Job Readiness Training 

Our goal is to positively impact individuals by offering love and hope to those struggling with homelessness. Hope House has become a place of healing from past traumas and experiences, a place where people are given an opportunity to transform into the men and women that God created them to be. It's become a community where people come to thrive.


We are thankful for the opportunity to Fulfilling Our Mission to serve others and #playitforward. Visit to learn more about FŌM2022.