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A few weeks ago we met Alexandria, one of our customer support/sales representatives. Today we sat down with Eddie, our other support rep for our salesmen in the Midwest and the East. When he’s not working in the office, Eddie is out in the shop providing help where needed. Let’s learn a little bit more about Eddie’s role here at Fōmcore!

Can you introduce yourself and describe your role at Fōmcore?

Hello, My name is Eddie Fisher, and I am your Customer Service Representative for the Midwest and East Regional Sales Directors Mark and Caleb. I like to think of our role here at Fōmcore as supporting our Sales Team internally; whether that be with Purchase Orders, Warranty Claims, or getting out in the shop and helping track orders. That way, our Sales guys can focus on their relationships with our customers and we can assist in any way we can!

How long have you worked at Fōmcore?

I started working here at Fōmcore back at the beginning of January this year. It’s been very nice coming in and being a part of the company’s development and growth.

What type of career did you see yourself having when you were younger?

I grew up thinking it would be rad to draw comic books and make animations. I loved making short films and doing voice work with all sorts of projects that my friends and I would do. Even today I still dabble in making animated shorts and doing voice work for many projects including commercials and trailers. Though I did not pursue these careers, I think that collaboration and creativity have helped shape my relationships and interactions personally and professionally.

What is your favorite piece that we make?

The full Mod Chair with it’s high arms giving me a nice comfy hug is where it’s at! I think it’s comfy, but I also think it’s a good professional chair. Eddie brings so much enthusiasm and energy to our team every day. The office would not be the same without him! Check back next time to hear more about who we are #AtOurCore.

What has been your favorite part about working with your sales reps?

Working with Mark and Caleb, you really get to see the relationships they have with their customers. They aren’t just partners, they are people that we have more intimate relationships with. For me personally, coming into a team that loves you as you are and treats you like family is something you don’t find often. I have enjoyed learning from their experience here and always appreciate how much they have taken care of me.

What is something that you think is special about Fōmcore?

Absolutely the culture. I have been doing customer service pretty much exclusively my entire working life and I am always surprised by the leadership and the care that this team gives each other day in and day out. Fōmcore lives by Micah 6:8 – To Act Justly, love mercy and walk humbly. And I see our team take that beyond these walls and with our partners.