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We are thrilled to share the next installment of #AtOurCore!

Last week, we were excited to introduce our Regional Director for the Midwest and lover of beaches, Mark Gardner.

Make a drum roll sound for us please, as we introduce you to Lance Wild! Lance is an important piece of Fōmcore’s company culture, and he also strives to encourage leadership and collaborative learning every day.

Let’s get to know Lance…

Hello! Can you introduce yourself and your role at Fōmcore?

Hey, I’m Lance—I am the South Regional Director at Fōmcore!

What might be something people would be surprised to know about you?!

I have been married for 10 years and about to have our first baby—it’s a BOY!!! I also have a furry girlfriend- her name I Lola (my English Bulldog). I like to randomly scroll through Facebook marketplace. No reason…just looking for a deal. I’ve never bought anything on marketplace. LOL.

What is your favorite food?

Acai bowls with any fruit in it- YUM!!!

So Lance, what’s your favorite thing about representing Fōmcore?

Two things come to mind. We only do soft seating. I love being able to focus exclusively on that. I think it helps us stay sharp and be the experts in this piece of the classroom furniture puzzle. Secondly, taking soft seating into the classroom. I really like to visualize how I would utilize any given space myself. For example: how would I use this as a teacher? How would I utilize this as a student? I believe in our product because I can see how I would use it.

What has surprised you the most about your experience with Fōmcore?

The relationships I’ve built. Honestly, that’s another one of my favorite things. When relations with my partner dealers and reps goes beyond just talking furniture- that’s energizing for me. One of my most favorite moments to date with Fōmcore is when a rep called me to talk about a project he had won and the fact that he called me to celebrate a success meant the world to me- for a number of reasons.

And finally, what does company culture mean to you?

Company culture is everything. I think it’s one of the best kept secrets about Fōmcore. When people get inside our plant and see how joyful people are, how we take pride in our work and how we would bend over backwards to service our partner dealers- it’s really something special. From the largest school district to our awesome stewards, everything filters back to our mission focus of: Serve, Create, Inspire. It’s who we want to be– and how we want to serve.

Thanks to Lance for chatting a little with us about Fōmcore! Do you have any questions about who we are, #AtOurCore? Leave a comment below!