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At Fōmcore, our daily practices, beliefs and traditions as a team define who we are.

This is us, #AtOurCore.

On the outside, Fōmcore is a company that provides lifetime-gauranteed foam furniture, and the opportunity to innovate spaces. On the inside, however, we’re a team of people dedicated to “serve, create and inspire.” This mission extends not only to our employees–the heart of our operation–but also to our community, and the people we reach with our products.

When you strip away the business, the operations, and the daily work involved in producing Fōmcore wares, you’ll find us–at our core, ready to show you who we REALLY are. At Our Core really is what makes us different and as part of our new blog series, we’ll introduce you to our values, our people, and our vision.

With that in mind, we’re excited to debut our very first interview and story, with the ultimate goal of showcasing the folks behind Fōmcore’s company culture who are encouraging leadership and collaboration daily.

Let’s start with one of our awesome Regional Sales Directors–Caleb!

Hello! Can you introduce yourself and your role at Fōmcore?

My name is Caleb Sibert. I am the Regional Sales director in the East. I am the new guy on the block, I started back in August.

So, do you have any special talents?


What is your favorite dessert?

Dairy Queen ice cream cake…LET’S GO!!!

What’s your favorite thing about representing Fōmcore?

Fōmcore encourages AUTHENTICITY and this is clearly displayed in how we interact with our customers on a daily basis. The mission of Fōmcore is what brought me here and working with a team of like-minded people makes a huge difference: Serve, Create & Inspire!

How do you define flexible seating or learning?

Flexible learning means allowing time for “student choice” when it comes to learning. Proper learning should be made through collaboration, discovery and problem solving amongst the students.

And finally, what’s your favorite thing about your work Fōmcore?

I love working for owners that want to make an impact on this world for eternity. It is not all about the dollar amount, it is about impacting the lives of everyone we come in contact within a positive and meaningful way.

Thanks to Caleb for taking the time to express his thoughts on Fōmcore! We look forward to sharing more #AtOurCore stories with you.