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Playoff Game Step Up FOM2023 Sqaure

We've kicked off the playoff for the FŌM2023 season by #playingitforward for Step Up!

Step Up’s purpose is to equip and empower young adults with the tools and skills to live self-sufficient, responsible, and productive lives. Based in Muskegon, Step Up was formally organized after the founding board members learned of the significant number of youth in the community aging out of the foster care system. There is also a significant number of young adults in this same situation who have not been in the foster care system. Step Up is committed to help all interested young adults and soon to be mothers become successfully independent. Step Up currently has 2 homes: a women's home and a maternity home right here in Muskegon. Learn more about Step Up here >>>>.


We are thankful for the opportunity to Fulfill Our Mission to bless others and #playitforward. Visit to learn more about FŌM2023.