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Welcome back to another installment of #AtOurCore where we get to know our Fōmcore team! Today we sat down with Chelsey, one of our newest members of the sewing department!

What has been your favorite part about working at Fōmcore so far?

My favorite part so far has been the community — the people. Everyone wants to work together, and you can talk to anyone if you have questions or need help figuring something out.

What are some of your interests/hobbies outside of work?

I like going to concerts and music events, taking care of my dog, and traveling to the Upper Peninsula. I really love it up there and I enjoy traveling in general.

What is your favorite piece that to make?

I’ve been learning quite a bit about how to make different pieces, but my favorites right now are the big sofas and couches.

We’re so thankful for the hard work and positive spirit that Chelsey has already brought to our team! Until next time, this is us, #AtOurCore.