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At Our Core Jaden

Welcome back to another segment of #AtOurCore, where we chat with a member of our Fōmcore family and get to know them better. This week we sat down with Jaden, who has been a part of our team for nearly a year. Let’s get to know him a little bit better!

Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your role at Fōmcore?

My name is Jaden and I am a finisher here at Fōmcore.

How long have you been with the Fōmcore team?

I’ve been here for over seven months now.

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

Two of my favorite hobbies are filmmaking and sport quadding.

What is your favorite "Muskegon meal"?

Bernie O’s Pizza. The Memphis pizza from Bernie O’s is the best pizza in the world so that would have to be my favorite.

What is your favorite product that we make?

My favorite piece would have to be the Social Chair! They're very comfortable, cozy, lovely, and cool looking.

We're so thankful for Jaden and everything that he brings to our team! Until next time, This Is Us, #AtOurCore.