As the foam experts, we’re always looking for ways to connect with specialists in other fields. Our goal is to assist in the creation of adaptable and creative spaces, and we value the new perspectives partnerships with these professionals bring. Our Experts in the Field segment features articles written by our partners on a variety of topics. From discussions about health and safety to intentional design practices, this added knowledge helps us to maximize the impact of our products and expand our connections in different industries. Meet our experts and visit the articles below to read more from our Experts in the Field!



Founder and Lead Designer
David Jakes Designs LLC

David Jakes’ career as an educational designer has been influenced by the variety of roles and positions that he has held over 35 years. As a classroom science teacher, David developed a deep understanding of teaching and learning that has served as a foundation for his entire professional life....Read More

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Instructional Coach in a K-12

Jennifer Duffy’s career in education started over 20 years as a Special Education Teacher. Since then, Jennifer has also been an Inclusion Facilitator, Literacy Consultant, Assistive Technologist, Instructional Technologist and is currently an Instructional Coach in a K-12 setting. Jennifer has a passion for empowering learners to find their voice and cause positive change in a connected world. Jennifer’s enthusiasm for education is fueled by her commitment to ensuring under-served students receive the support they need in order to be successful. As a Special Educator, Jennifer was introduced to exciting technology that allowed her students to be more active learners and participants in the classroom. Jennifer continued to leverage technology to help students find success throughout the district as an Assistive Technologist. Jennifer’s time as a Literacy Consultant allowed her to travel the Midwest and provide professional development to educators in struggling districts. During this time, Jennifer honed her skills as a consultant, addressing the various needs of rural, suburban, and urban districts. In her return to the public school setting, Jennifer worked with middle schoolers with special needs as a classroom teacher, and then as an Instructional Technologist, supporting educational technology needs district wide. Currently, Jennifer works with district administrators and educators as an Instructional Coach, bridging the gap between district initiatives and classroom application. Supporting teachers through professional development, coaching, modeling instruction, and co-teaching, Jennifer helps educators implement innovative and creative learning opportunities for their diverse students. Jennifer continues to research new ideas as well as current best practices by being an active participant in learning communities and conferences. Jennifer has had the pleasure of presenting innovative ideas for technology enhanced learning, social emotional learning, problem solving, and literacy at the local, state, and international level.

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