FōM 2022!

This year, however, our wins will look slightly different. As a Fōmcore team, we are taking on a new challenge and playing our daily games to give back to the community. We have designated our playing season as 14 weeks. Each week we will select a person, family, or charitable organization to play for. For every day our team completes the designated number of jobs, we will donate $200 to the chosen person or organization.

We are now asking YOU to submit the name of an organization, person, or family YOU would like our team to play for. Our nomination committee will select fourteen of these families and organizations to play for; one for each week of the season! Here at Fōmcore, we are always looking for ways to serve others in what we do. We are looking forward to Fulfilling Our Mission of blessing others and #playitforward!

Fill out the form below to nominate your chosen organization for the FōM2022 initiative!

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